NEXT: Telling the right story will take your organization to the next level

About NEXT? The NEXT team – Laura Whay Klein and Rob Felber – bring more than 50 years experience in the development and execution of successful nonprofit management plans, high-earning fundraising and development initiatives, media-savvy public relations campaigns, and effective multi-media marketing strategies.  To hire NEXT to identify your story and bring it to life, contact or

When it comes to the economic realities facing today’s nonprofits, understanding how to IDENTIFY and TELL your STORY can be the difference between thriving and struggling to maintain the status quo.

What is your story?

  • It might be what your database has been trying to tell you for years, but you didn’t know how to listen.
  • It could be the subtext for that less-than-successful direct mail appeal; or the reason why the media didn’t bite on the last pitch you made them.
  • It might be the real reason why your collateral materials fall flat and fail to spark interest from potential clients, sponsors and donors.
  • It could be why that special event no longer wows the crowd, packs the house, or delivers much-needed friends and funds
  • It might be the missing link on your Website, which holds little or no appeal to your constituents; or it could be why that email campaign didn’t convert enough clicks into bricks.

Getting to the heart of that story and making it work for you is where NEXT comes in. We teach you how to identify your unique story. By the end of our engagement, you’ll be able to tell the right story to the right audience, capturing their attention and keeping them continuously engaged. And having your story will allow you to achieve the right goals – again and again.